What Online Casino Pays Out The Most

The Highest Paying Online Casino: Deposits vs Withdrawals

Knowing that a minimum deposit at the casino is on average €20 and the withdrawal is generally $30 (unless you are restricted to withdrawal via bank transfer, so €100 minimum), our study was able to do quite easily. Even though it still lasted us a whole year!

And for good reason, there is no point in basing a casino’s potential luck on a single month. To make a meaningful comparison of the highest paying casinos, such a study should be done over at least 6 months. Indeed, we were able to quickly notice a gain or a loss by always following the same pattern, on a very regular basis.

Also, to achieve a meaningful and conclusive result on the issue of profit, we would like to point out that we have registered on several known platforms, as casino players in real money.

Also, if you want to know which online casino game makes the most money, it’s necessary to consider the following: 

  • An active but cautious player profile (small deposits and regular small withdrawals)
  • 50c maximum bet per game
  • Mainly slot machine games
  • 12 months of play
  • Monthly deposit of 40 euros in real money (average).

The Matter of Education

It is also enough to educate yourself well, not only about the casinos that are making money right now, but also to take an interest in the gambling habits of the players who are winning. Check the forums to find out what subscribers think about the site they are playing on. 

The highest paying online casino is never the same for anyone. This varies in particular depending on its average payout rate, the games available to you and the type of player to which you belong.

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