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Review of Golden Dragon Slot
We have prepared a detailed review of Golden Dragon Slot, trying to touch upon the most important aspects for players: game features, rates and percentage of refund, special features, as well as reviews from other players. We hope this information will help you decide between thousands of online slots and make the right choice.

Golden Dragon Slot Review: General Info
So, Golden Dragon Slot is a fun Video slot. It was developed by PlayPearls, whose software platform is now used by about 8 online casinos. What is also important, this is a 5-reel slot. With 20 winning lines, there are many betting options.

Golden Dragon Slot Review: Rates and Refund Percentages
The peculiarity of the slot is that you can only play for real money. The minimum number of coins for a bet on each line is 1, and the maximum is 1. The sizes of Golden Dragon coins vary from 0.1 to 4 cm. The RTP indicator, or the percentage of return to players, is 0. Also, there is a chance to hit a jackpot of 30 coins …

Golden Dragon Slot Review: Accessibility
The game has a so-called “wild” symbol, that is, one that can turn into any of the symbols that are currently not enough to win. To make the gameplay even more fun, there are also “scattered” symbols that can appear at any time in one of the reels (even on the payline) and help the player to win. Those who are already tired of cashing in on the Play button will surely like the auto-play option, which will allow you to start the game process once and just wait for the win. What’s also interesting is that in the game you can get several free spins, which will significantly increase your chances of winning, including winning real money.

Review of Golden Dragon Slot: reviews and ratings
Unlike other online slots, this slot was rated as very poor by players. Also, he gets 0 out of 10 (total number of votes – 0). There are 0 screenshots of the victory in this game that we managed to find on the Internet. You will find them below.

The golden dragon is one of the unique reel icons, and you should watch out for it. This is the wild care for the slots game, which means it can replace almost every other icon. If you line up more dragons, you’ll also get higher rewards to enjoy. The only thing that golden dragon cannot swap out is the golden bowl reel icon.

Speaking of the golden bowls, these are your scatter symbols. They will award a prize that can be up to four times what you initially bet. You can also get a few free spins by utilizing the scatter symbol. That said, these are pretty rare, so it’s more common to pull a few golden dragons than a few bowls. But if you do get a bowl, you’ll likely be joyous!

How To Play
All games on our site are entirely free, so try this one out or enjoy one of our many other offerings. You can play on mobile and tablet, as well as on your computer. There is nothing to download, and you don’t need to use any apps. Simply use your favorite browser to play a quick game!

This slot has a medium volatility rating. That means that players can expect some decent amounts to come from the game albeit in a semi-frequent manner. Now, this shows the simple gameplay and this draws more beginners to this game as the rate allows the game’s payouts to be more easily or readily accessible. So this Microgaming slot is one of the few slots that are truly beginner-friendly.

If you’re in the mood for a more casual game, then this is the one to spin. The simple, straight to the point graphics and theme make for a good and easy game that’s great for experienced players who want a more relaxed game or those who are fairly new and are still getting used to the slot game.

Even though the game only has one bonus feature to work with, it actually doesn’t leave players wanting as the payouts do land frequently enough for players to gain some good amounts throughout the game. So, if you’re up for some medieval play with a golden dragon and his treasure trove, then take this slot for a spin and see just how much gold the mighty fire-breathing dragon is inclined to give you!

This great Chinese themed slots game comes with amazing graphics and keeps you feeling immersed throughout your experience.

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