Cops and Donuts Slot Machine


Cops and Donuts is a slot machine based on a popular stereotype. All people living in the United States are familiar with this stereotype.

Cops and Donuts has a cartoon theme and uses lighthearted jokes about men in blue.

This section will cover the names of most of the symbols in Cops and Donuts. Plus, it will cover the combo needed to win anything.

First, let’s take a look at a list of all symbols:

  • Pink donuts
  • Brown donuts
  • a cup of coffee
  • Handcuffs
  • Fingerprints
  • ribbon
  • Slot logo
  • Female officer
  • Thin Male Officer
  • Fat Male Officer

Each symbol has a different meaning, so each combination has a different meaning. In the list below, all characters are arranged in ascending order.

The list starts with the smallest character and ends with the highest:

  • Coffee cup
  • Pink donut
  • Brown donut
  • Handcuffs
  • ribbon
  • Fingerprints
  • Policewoman
  • Skinny cop
  • Fat policeman
  • Slot logo

As for the combo, there are 3 combinations for each symbol. The lowest combination for any symbol is 3, the highest combination is 4, and the highest is 5.

If at some point the player receives a combination of 5 slots logos, he wins the game.

Below are the bonuses that Cops and Donuts slot machines offer.

Speed ​​Trap Bonus
There were a few special symbols that weren’t on the bonus list above. Two of these symbols are a police car and a speed limit sign.

The Speed ​​Trap bonus is triggered when a police car appears on reel # 1 and a speed limit sign on reel # 5. When this happens, it means the player is being stopped by a police officer.

The cop will ask the player why they exceeded the speed limit. No matter which answer the player chooses, he will receive a reward.

But choosing a good answer can be very rewarding. Finally, if the player can fully convince the cop (% 100) that it was a mistake, he will receive a donut that will double the total reward he earned during the bonus.

Donut Eating Bonus
This bonus is rarely triggered, but when it does, the player is in luck. It is triggered when a player places 3 donuts on a payline.

However, this is not the hardest part. Because it usually fires when there is a store in the background (which doesn’t happen often).

This is how it goes. The policeman will ask the player to give them donuts. The more donuts the policeman takes, the more rewards the player will receive.

Let’s say the cop ate 3 donuts. For just 1 bonus, the player will receive 3 awards.

Strategy & Tips Section
The outcomes of your spins on Cops and Donuts are at random. As such, there’s nothing you can do to make things go in your favor. However, you can play smart by doing the following:

Do not play Cops and Donuts under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Learn from a demo before you play with your money.
Have a realistic budget.
It pays more to play with as many pay lines as you can afford.
Medium to large bets would do you good on this slot.
Cops and Donuts slot does not really enter the realms of the extraordinary. However, its bonuses are more than fabulous. It is an excellent slot when you consider how it manages to make the best of its old-time graphics to create a sweet appeal.

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